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“I call the movie a thriller, even though the outcome is known, because it plays like one: We may know that the world doesn't end, but the players in this drama don't, and it is easy to identify with them. They have so much more power than knowledge, and their hunches and guesses may be more useful than war game theories. Certainly past experience is not a guide, because no war will have started or ended like this one.”   © 2001 Roger Ebert

“The world did not end with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Disaster was averted with almost no loss of life, and the United States was the “winner” (insofar as there can be a winner in this situation). What's more, Thirteen Days is constructed as a thriller, which means that its intent is to arouse the audience's interest by creating suspense. And, while this movie is not as successful as Apollo 13 in generating tension, it does a credible job. And that's a solid endorsement for a motion picture of this sort - it kept me intrigued and involved even though I knew how it all ended.”   © 2000 James Berardinelli

“I had no political baggage to carry in with me to the theater. I went in with an open mind and embarrassingly little knowledge about the underlying events in my head. And I found myself gripped by the tense drama of it all. This is a film about what happens when bigger-than-life public figures, no more or less human than the rest of us, must make world-changing decisions in the blink of an eye. In that respect, it is one of the scariest films I have ever seen.”   © 2000 Jim Chastain II

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