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This site was designed in, and all of the graphics made by me, using Adobe Photoshop CS4. It was hand-coded in Dreamweaver CS6… no, I don't let Dreamweaver build them for me. *g* The site has been validated as XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS level 3.

The images that I used for the graphic and buttons came from the screen captures that I took from the movie. The graphic was made by me especially for this fanlisting and is not to be used, reproduced, or altered in any way without my permission.


This site is not affiliated with Kevin Costner or anyone else connected to the movie. The DVD screen caps do not belong to me... they're the property of the respective production companies. I only borrowed them for graphics purposes and for the enjoyment of the fans.

This movie is about our history. And so when I created this fanlisting, I wanted to bring a part of that history here for you. I don't have permission to reprint the excerpts of the movie reviews or any excerpts from JFK's speeches.

I put them here for educational purposes only so that in reading them you might come to understand what exactly happened and how very scary those times were. In those days, a President coming on national television to address the nation was very unusual. The fact that JFK did only served to show the American people how very critical the situation was.

The coding and site design are mine. Everything else is the property of the respective production companies and authors... All Rights Reserved. No copyright infringement is intended. This is just a site created by a fan who loved this movie and who is only trying to show the proper respect and appreciation that it deserves.

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